Policies and Procedures

    Students have the opportunity to use the library facilities:

    • Before School - 8:00 - 8:25
    • Homeroom - 8:25 - 8:30 (Pass required; Check in with Homeroom teacher!)
    • After School: Mon. - Thurs. 2:35 - 3:20; Friday 2:35 - 2:45

    Procedure - All students are welcome to use the library before school to find an independent reading book, read,
    work on assignments, or study for a test.  A student using the library before school and/or during TEP must have his or her
    student ID.

    Circulation  -  Students are responsible for all library materials that they check out.
    The general circulation period for library books and videos is two weeks; periodicals and reference books are limited to "in
    library" use only. When a teacher requests, books that are relative to a specific unit of study, are pulled from the collection and reserved as "in library" use only.

    Students may check out as many as 5 books at a time.  Books may be renewed unless a teacher or another student has requested it.  

    Overdue Material  -  Students are assessed an overdue fine of $0.05 per school
    day for every day their book(s) is late. No fine is assessed when school is closed
    or if the student is absent from school.

    Students are notified of their overdue materials and outstanding fines on a weekly basis. Notices are delivered to the student via the homeroom teacher.  Parents of students with outstanding library obligations are notified via phone and mail.

    Restitution is required for books and materials that are lost, damaged or destroyed. When this happens, notify the library staff.  Fines will be stopped and other charges will be levied. All obligations must be met prior to the close of the school year.

    Any student with long overdue materials and/or outstanding fines may have his or her circulation privilege restricted or suspended. 
    Procedure - To replace an ID card, a student needs to register for a new card in the library.  There is a $3 replacement cost.  While the
    student is waiting for a new ID card to be made, he/she may still use the library and/or check out library books.
    ID Cards  -  Student ID cards are issued at the beginning of each school year after school pictures are taken.  The ID card is used as a student’s library card for circulation and attendance in the library before school and during TEP.  If a student loses his/her ID card, a previous year’s card can be used or a new card will have to be purchased.

    New students who enroll during the year should stop by the library and sign up for an ID card.  An RMS ID card will be made at no cost.
    Photo Copiers  -  The library has 2 photo copiers available for staff and student use.  There is no charge to students for
    copying a magazine or reference article, class notes or other school work.  Please ask a member of the library staff to copy the material for you. 


    Mission Statement

    Ridley Middle School Library

    The mission of the school library media program is to insure that students and staff are 
    effective users of ideas and information. This mission is accomplished by: 


    • providing instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas
    • working with other educators to design learning strategies to meet the  needs of individual students as information literate citizens 
    • providing intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats  (i.e. text, digital, audio, visual, multimedia) 

    Need help with a research assignment, homework problem, or finding a good book to read? Consult the experts in our library media center: 


      Library Media Specialist:  Miss Hassinger 
     Library Assitant: Mrs.  Kintsche


Last Modified on March 4, 2014