• The individuals listed are certified teachers who are employed by the Ridley School District. These teachers offer private tutoring services in the subjects listed. As independent contractors, they determine their own rates and make arrangements directly with the parent/guardian. Ridley School District is providing these names as a service to our community.

    Elementary Level:

    Gianna Jones K-4. /Spec Ed K-8.                                      gjones@ridleysd.org

    Matthew Effinger K-6                                                       maeffinger@ridleysd.org

    Diane Allen K-3 /Spec Ed K-3                                           dallen@ridleysd.org

    Nicole Dever K-5/ Spec Ed                                                ndever@ridleysd.org

    Christie Crispin K-5                                                         ccrispin@ridleysd.org

    Ellen Costello  K-5                                                           ecostello@ridleysd.org

    Tracy Realy   K-5/Spec Ed                                                trealy@ridleysd.org

     Brielle Ferraro  K-4                                                          bferraro@ridleysd.org

    Secondary Level:

    Paul McGibney - Chemistry 9-12.                                      pmcgibney@ridleysd.org

    Samantha Snow - Social Studies and Spanish 7-12.            ssnow@ridleysd.org

    Olivia Jevnick - English 7-12                                             ojevnick@ridleysd.org

    Matt Berry - Spec Ed Middle School.                                  mberry@ridleysd.org

    Maria Falcone - English 7-12                                             mfalcone@ridleysd.org

    Melissa Zimmerman - Math 7-12                                       mzimmerman@ridleysd.org


Last Modified on April 30, 2018