• Directions to set up a free Apple ID and a free iTunes account with your child
    Each iPad must have an account in order to download any applications
    Free Apple ID
    • Click on Settings Icon
    • Choose iCloud on the left hand side
    • Click on create a free Apple ID
    • Use an existing parent email or set up a free iCloud email
    • Follow prompts and verify new Apple ID
    • It may take a few minutes for account verification
    Free iTunes Account
    • Click on the App Store Icon and select a free app of your choice
    • Click Install Button
    • When prompted for existing account pops up, enter the Apple ID and password you previously created (these ID’s and passwords are case sensitive)
    • A prompt stating that this ID has not been used yet will pop up; Select Review
    • Hit the Next button and agree to terms
    • Account settings menu will pop up: Be sure that credit card area reads none (a credit card is not necessary) and complete other demographic information as required
    • Once this is completed, you will receive the message that you have successfully created an ID for iTunes and can install free applications
Last Modified on September 9, 2015