Student Assistance Programs have a long history in the Ridley School District. Ridley's Student Assistance Program (SAP) Model is patterned on the Pennsylvania Department of Education's model. Beginning with the 1997-1998 school year, the Ridley Student Assistance Program has provided help to 2000 plus Ridley students whose actions have interfered with their ability to function optimally in the classroom and to be successful in school.

    Ridley School District believes in a systemic approach to helping students and have expanded the SAP initiative to include all grade levels, K-12. Elementary students face different issues than those of older students. To help define that difference and to address the issues faced by many elementary school students, a REST team has been formed at two of our elementary buildings: Eddystone and Woodlyn Elementary Schools. A SAP or Student Assistance Team serves the middle school and the high school.
    The Ridley Student Assistance Program at the middle school and high school is designed to help school personnel identify issues including alcohol, drugs, or other behavioral concerns and other issues that pose a barrier to a student’s learning and success in school. SAP offers support to students and their families. Student Assistance is not a treatment program; rather, it is a systemic process using effective and accountable professional techniques to mobilize school resources to remove the barriers to learning. Where the problem is beyond the scope of the school, program can provide the parent and student with information to access services within the community. The SAP Team members do not diagnose, treat or refer for treatment; but they may refer for an assessment to determine if treatment is needed. Parental involvement in all phases of the student assistance process is the key to the successful resolution of identified problems.