• Swarthmore Co-op

    Mission Statement

    We are a cooperatively owned food market whose purpose is to enrich the economic and cultural welfare of our community by:

    • Providing healthy, delicious foods our customers can trust
    • We believe in promoting healthy living; helping people make informed food choices; supporting organic and locally grown or produced products.
    • Celebrating community and diversity
    • We believe the CO-OP should be a warm, welcoming marketplace, creating opportunities for people to make connections.
    • Being a sustainable, vital partner in the town center, founding our business practices on accountability, honesty and transparency
    • We believe in valuing our partner/employees; empowering them to be good stewards of our CO-OP and its resources; striving to provide them with competitive wages and benefits.

    End Statement

    Because of the Swarthmore CO-OP, the people of Swarthmore and surrounding communities, including members, customers, staff, suppliers, and local businesses, will have a thriving, sustainable, cooperatively owned market that will:

    • Provide fairly priced foods and grocery products
    • Ensure a compelling shopping experience, in which our customers feel welcomed and gain a sense of community
    • Create a positive work environment staffed by engaged employees
    • Anchor the Swarthmore business district
    • Build connections with surrounding communities
    • Provide opportunities for community engagement, education, and outreach
    • Strengthen the local food system
    • Inspire confidence of members and shoppers in the CO-OP’s high levels of integrity, accountability and transparency