• EDK is an extended day kindergarten  program for students that have been subjectively identified by their teachers during the very first few weeks of school who may benefit from having extra time on task to help master basic skills needed for success in school.

    Key points

    • EDK is not a special education program.
    • EDK is optional, you do not have to accept the invitation.  Your child will be fine in their normal kindergarten experience.

    However, if you accept the extra time (EDK) assignment, please be aware that a positive attendance is required
    • Bussing may be part of the program unless your home school is Edgewood or p.m. at Lakeview  
    • Sometimes the bus schedule runs a little late due to normal driving circumstances
    • There may be separate field trips that are required that are part of the EDK experience and
    • There will be gym classes  2 times per week to enhance motor skill development

Last Modified on December 11, 2008