Please read the information below regarding the REF Grant Application Process. Please email or send all Grant Applications to Jennifer Anderson (janderson@ridleysd.org).

    Guidelines when applying for an REF Grant or Renewal:

    All grant monies must be used by June 30th of the year following the award. This includes both new applications and renewals.

    Grant renewals are not automatic. Only grant renewals that are properly submitted on time will be evaluated by the grant committee to determine if they are eligible to receive up to 50 percent of their original grant amount. This opportunity is for the first year only
    after the grant award is given.  Any grant applications/renewals that are not submitted correctly, or by the deadline date, will not be considered for review by the grant committee.

    All grantees will be required to submit an end of year evaluation report that will be due at the end of 3 months concluding their grant project/activity deadline. This report summarizes how the grant materials were applied and how students and the community benefited from the grant/project/activity. Submission of photos, videos, or any other artifacts to showcase the activity/project are encouraged.
    Your application must include answers to the following questions:

    Give a one paragraph summary of your project/activity in 150 words or less.

    Description of project - provide specific details of the activity.

    Describe the project activities you wish to undertake.
    • Staffing requirements
    • Required resources
    • Location of project
    • Number of students that will be affected by the project.
    Explain how the number of students will be affected by the project.

    Define the anticipated time line for your project.
    • When project will begin
    • When the project will be assessed
    • When the project will end
    How will you judge the effectiveness of your project?

    What is the total budget for this project/activity?

    Describe other funding sources that you have pursued prior to submitting this application.

    Detail your budget requests. Organize items according to the project activities. Include information such as kinds of equipment, supplies, professional development, stipends, and any other miscellaneous costs. This grant will NOT pay for substitute teachers or any other salary related expenses.
    Your renewal application must provide the following information:
    1. Name(s) of grant applicant(s)
       Title of original grant proposal
      Classroom or community location where project/activity will be implemented

    2. Document the actual costs to implement and run your program, project, or activity.

    3. Summarize the impact that your project had on student achievement/learning. Provide data to support that impact.

    4. What funding are you requesting in order to continue the implementation of your program, project, or activity?

    5. Do you need to make any changes to your program?

    6. If you do need to make changes, explain what those changes are and why they need to be made.