• Amosland Elementary School
    Health Office

    Doctor's office

    Mrs. Maureen Clark, CSN
    Mrs. Linda Kealey, RN

    610.534.1900 Ext. 1400

    Schoolnurses are employed by the Ridley School District to provide suchhealth services as: annual vision and hearing tests, weighing andmeasuring child growth, periodic class room examinations, and emergencyfirst aid in case of accident while in school.  We have two nurses atAmosland their schedule is as follows:

    Mrs. Maureen Clark - Monday, Tuesday
    Mrs. Linda Kealey - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

    Ifyour child complains of headache, stomachache, sore throat, etc beforecoming to school, please check his/her temperature.  If 99.5 degrees orabove do not send the child to school.  If your child becomes ill inschool, we will decide if her or she should be sent home.  If youryoungster is too ill to stay in school, or if any injury is seriousenough, we will call you to come to the school office to take hourchild home. 

    If your child is sick or late you must call the attendance line at 610-461-6367. To make arrangements for homework pick up please call the office at610-534-1900 extension 1401.  When your child returns to school he/shemust bring in an Amosland Absence Note explaining the absence or lateness signed by a parent/guardian. 

    Physical and dential forms are available at the nurse"s office or click health forms to print.  For more information about the please view the Health Service page on this site.

    Tips to Remember
    • Your child must be fever free for 24 hours without tylenol, motrin or advil to return to school.
    • If they are out with ether vomiting or diarrhea - they must be able to eat three normal meals after the problems have ended.
    • Pleasecheck your child for head lice.  Remember that we love to have thechildren in school but not the critters.  If you have any questionsdon"t hesitate to call the school nurse at 610-534-1900 extension 1400.
    • When your child coughs or sneezes encourage them to cover their mouths or do so into their elbows.
    • Hand washing is very important to help in the prevention of spreading germs.
    • If your phone number changes please notify the officeimmediately.  It is important that the school have a working emergencycontact number at all times.

Last Modified on September 24, 2013