• To enroll a student in the Ridley School District, please make an appointment with the principal at the elementary schools or the guidance office at the middle and high school. 


     Amosland    Ext. 1401
     Eddystone    Ext. 1412
     Edgewood    Ext. 1421
     Grace Park    Ext. 1434
     Lakeview    Ext. 1444
     Leedom    Ext. 1452
     Woodlyn    Ext. 1462
     Middle School - Guidance Office    Ext. 1322
     High School - Guidance Office    Ext. 1260

    Note: If your child has an IEP or receives any special education services such as reading support, math support, or speech/language support, or has a 504 Plan requiring accommodations for Health/Physical needs, you are required to meet with a representative of the special education department  to ensure proper placement. Please contact the Special Education Office at 610.534.1900 x1124  for an appointment following your appointment with the school.
    Required documentation includes
    Proof of Age [24 P.S. §13-1304]
    • Original or certified official birth certificate or original or certified baptismal certificate
    Immunization Records [24 P.S. §13-1303a]
    • Certificate of immunization issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health
    and the Advisory Health Board
    • Students who are not immunized as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, or who are not medically or
    religiously exempt may not be admitted to school.
    Proof of Residence [24 P.S. §13-1302]
    The parent/guardian must provide a minimum of three documents to show proof of residency in addition to a Pennsylvania driver's license or state ID card.  You will need to bring:

    One form of documentation from this list:

    • Property Deed
    • Lease with name of child(children) on the lease
    • Mortgage Coupon Book
    • Mortgage Statement
    • Current Tax Bill*
    •  Occupancy permit issued by the local municipality for the residence in question
    Two forms of documentation with district address from this list:
    • Current utility bill
    • Bank statement
    • Welfare/UC ID
    • IRS statement
    • DPA Heath Card

    *You may obtain a copy of your current tax bill by contacting your local tax office:
    Eddystone Borough  - 484.648.1927
    Ridley Park Borough - 610.521.2026
    Ridley Township - 610.534.4807

    To enroll in kindergarten, a student must be age 5 no later than Sept. 30th of the current school year.
    To enroll in first grade, a student must be age 6 no later than Sept. 30th of the current school year.

    Additionally, an affidavit of residency or guardianship may be required. Affidavits (new and yearly updates) are by appointment only.  Contact Mrs. Jones at 610-534-1900 ext 1131 or rjones@ridleysd.org.  Hours for appointments are: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays 8-4, Tuesdays 7-3, Wednesdays 9-5 at the Ridley Services Center - 1001 Morton Ave.  Folsom 
    Applications for registration of students not residing with their parent or guardian must contain the following in addition to all other required documents:
    1. Foster Children [24 P.S. §13-1305]

    • Original letter from the court, association, agency or institution indicating compensated placement with the resident, and
    the resident school district of the natural parent(s) and;
    • Signed sworn statement that the child has been placed by a bona fide agency in the home of the resident with
    compensation. Foster Care Point of Contact:  Kelli Mullany, Director of Pupil Services at 610-534-1900 ext 1112.

    2. Other Children, Not One’s Own [24 P.S. §13-1302]
    • Appropriate legal documentation to show dependency/guardianship
    • Signed sworn statement that the child is being supported gratis and the resident will continuously assume all personal obligations for the child relative to school

    A child shall be considered a resident of the school district in which his parents or the guardian of his person resides, and will be enrolled in the school building he/she would normally attend in accordance with established school district attendance areas.
    Families in Transition - Contact
    Elementary - Megan Warwick 610-534-1900 ext 1136
    Secondary - Erin Cianciarulo - 610-534-1900 ext 1147
    or Kelli Mullany, Director of Pupil Services at 610-534-1900 ext 1112.


Last Modified on January 10, 2018