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    K-12 Physical Education Curriculum Homepage

    Welcome to the Ridley School District curriculum page for K-12 physical education. The Ridley K-12 PE faculty is proud of its tradition of providing students with the highest quality education in the area of life fitness.

    District Physical Education Mission Statements

    The K-5 physical education's primary goal is to develop students' fundamental movement skills within a variety of developmentally appropriate game, dance, and gymnastic activities. The program will also enhance students' personal fitness and provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in a variety of physical activities. Personal and social responsibility, self-directed learning, and problem solving skills are also reinforced throughout the K-5 physical education curriculum.
    Middle School
    The middle school physical education program strives to develop students' personal fitness and skill-related abilities. The program reinforces students' understanding and application of fitness concepts and motor skills through a variety of movement forms. The program also aims to develop students' personal and social responsibility, self-management skills, and ability to make informed choices. The overall goal of this program is to enhance students' disposition toward leading a physically active lifestyle.
    High School
    Pursuit of personal fitness and understanding the benefits of leading a physically active lifestyle is at the core of the high school physical education curriculum. Designing, implementing and assessing personal fitness will be a primary goal. Refining a variety of movement skills that contribute toward lifelong activity will also be a component of the program. All goals will be achieved through a curriculum that provides student choice and individualized instruction.

    District Physical Education Value Base

    • A curriculum based on the developmental characteristics and needs of students
    • A curriculum that develops students' health-related and skill-related physical fitness
    • A curriculum that enhances students' understanding about the benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle
    • A curriculum that provides students with opportunities for self-expression
    • A curriculum that develops students' personal and social skills
    • A curriculum that enhances students' ability to problem-solve and use critical thinking skills
    • A curriculum that develops students' self-management skills
    • A curriculum that develops students' dispositions toward being physically active
    • A curriculum relevant to students' interests and needs
    • A curriculum that is sensitive to students' ideas
    • A curriculum that invites students to be proactive about their own physical fitness and activity choices

Last Modified on February 23, 2009