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    Ridley School District's K-9 Social Studies curriculum is based on the TCI - Teacher's Curriculum Institute Approach.  The TCI approach to social studies was created by Dr. Burt Bower.  The approach is based on theory-and research-based active instruction of Jay McTighe, Grant Wiggins, Robert Marzano, Howard Gardner, Elizabeth Cohen, and Jerome Bruner; standards-based content; multiple intelligence teaching strategies; preview assignments; considerate text; graphically organized reading notes; processing assignments; and, multiple intelligence assessments.  Grade 9, 10, and 12 courses of study are semester courses.  Grade 11 course of study is a full year in length.  The high school social studies curriculum review process is based on the curriculum revision framework of LearnedFocused.  Click here for a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation (ppt.file) of the grade 9 -10 revision process.

    The Ridley School District implements K-12 social studies curriculum that aligns with the Pennsylvania State Board of Education Academic Standards 22 PA Code Chapter 4 Appendix A-E. The state academic standards are benchmark measures that define what students should know and be able to do at specified grade levels beginning in grade 3. The standards are promulgated as state regulations. As such they must be used as the basis for curriculum and instruction in Pennsylvania’s public schools. State requirements for curriculum, instruction and assessment may be found in the Board’s Chapter 4 regulations (www.pacode.com/secure/data/022/chapter4/chap4toc.html).

    PA Academic Standards for Civics and Government

    PA Academic Standards for Economics

    PA Academic Standards for Geography

    PA Academic Standards for History

    Elementary Curriculum

    Grade K - Social Studies Alive! Me and My World

    Grade 1 - Social Studies Alive! My School and Family

    Grade 2 - Social Studies Alive! My Community

    Grade 3 - Social Studies Alive! Our Community and Beyond

    Grade 4 - Social Studies Alive! Regions of Our Country

    Grade 5 - History Alive! America's Past

    Middle School Curriculum

    Grade 6 - History Alive! The Ancient World

    Grade 7 - History Alive! United States History

    Grade 8 - History Alive! United States History

    High School Curriculum

    Grade 9 - Geography Alive! Regions and People

    Grade 10 - European History

    Grade 11 - United States History (AMEX - The American Experience)

    Grade 12 - Senior Seminar (US/Foreign Policy, Economics, Government)

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