• The Ridley  Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises private dollars through tax-deductible contributions to enrich educational opportunities and to support innovation and excellence in the schools of the Ridley School District.  This goal is accomplished by funding grants for teachers and by strengthening communication between the community and the  schools.
    The Ridley Educational Foundation endeavors to make regular grants to supplement, but not replace, regular school district funds. The Foundation will look for projects that:

    • Sustain the excellence of the school academic and extracurricular programs
    • Extend and enhance educational opportunities for our students,
    • Directly promote an innovative approach to education.
    The funds will be used to award grants to members of the Ridley School District professional staff.  Grants may be requested to develop new, innovative projects or to enhance existing school programs and activities.  A committee representing teachers and administrators reviews the applications and determines which proposals will be funded.

    The primary beneficiaries of the funds raised by the foundation are the Ridley students who are afforded the opportunities to experience these programs and activities.

    Teachers are encouraged to develop innovative and creative programs, which may be funded by the REF grants.

    Ridley students are provided with educational experiences that give them a foundation for life-long learning, enable them to become contributors to their community, and make them competitive in the workplace.  Only by engaging the support and energies of educators, parents, students, alumni, and the greater community can the Foundation succeed in enhancing the quality of public education.
    For more information about the Ridley Educational Foundation please contact:
    MaryAnn Salerno
    REF Secretary
    610.534.1900 ext. 1103

Last Modified on November 7, 2012