• Ridley Middle School Unified and Related Arts Department

    Ms. Susan Owsley - Foreign Language
    Ms. Natalie Canamucio - Foreign Language
    Mr. Thomas Gassner - Foreign Language

    Mr. Michael Alvanitakis - Physical Education
    Mr. Patrick McCaffrey -    Physical Education
    Mr. James Koskinen -        Physical Education
    Miss Ashley Lubas - Health
    Ms. Abby Greenstein -      Physical Education
    Mr. Bill Morris -                Health
                              Ms. Christa Converse - Music
                              Mr. Jason Noll - Music
                              Dr. Terry Rowlyk - Music
                              Mrs. Melissa Regosch - Music

                               Mr. Jerry Ianacci - Art
                               Mr. Kevin Scott - Art

                               Ms. Jeanette McGough - Career Technology
                               Mr. Greg O'Brien - Technology Education
                               Mr. Michael Cerbus - Technology Education

                        MrJohn Di Gregorio - A Study of Heroes Through Mythology
                        Mrs. Fosca Menna - Strategies
                        Mr. Samuale Breckenridge - World Cultures

Last Modified on September 21, 2015