The Middle School offers a full program of athletic activities to its students. For seventh and eighth graders, the Middle School offers a full program of interscholastic athletic activities to the students interested, skilled and in good academic standing.  The Middle School program provides maximum opportunity for boys and girls to participate in a variety of individual and team sports at their respective grade level.




    FALL:                                                                                                WINTER:

                -Football                                                                                    -Boys and Girls Basketball

                            -115lbs.                                                                                    -7thgrade team

                            -Unlimited                                                                                 -8thgrade team

                -Boys and Girls Soccer                                                             -Wrestling                                                  -7thgrade team                                                           

                              -8thgrade team                                                                       

                -Field Hockey                                                           

                            -7thgrade team

                            -8thgrade team                                                SPRING:

                -Volleyball                                                                                    -Baseball

                            -7thgrade team                                                                        -7thgrade team

                            -8thgrade team                                                                        -8thgrade team

                                                                                                                -Boys and Girls Lacrosse

                                                                                                                            -7thgrade team

                                                                                                                            -8thgrade team

                                                                                                                -Girls Track


Last Modified on March 2, 2017