• Traffic Patterns

    The design of our driveway and parking areas has greatly helped the flow of traffic when students are being dropped off before school and picked up at dismissal time.  However, because of our large population, the following are some reminders to help ensure the safety of all of our students:

    ➢    Students are not permitted to cross the front driveway.  The cars using the drive may not see them, and we are concerned for their safety.

    ➢    Please drop off and pick up students as close as possible to the curb near the building.   No drop-off or pick-up is permitted behind the school.

    ➢    Students should enter vehicles from the curbside door only, at all drop-offs, including Amosland Road and upper parking lot.

    ➢    All students are to cross at the crossing guard opposite the library, not the one at the entrance to the drive, again for safety reasons.

    ➢    Please do not cross anywhere on Amosland Road except at crossing guards.

    ➢    Please respect the reserved, and daycare bus (yellow curb) parking areas.

    ➢    Please do not block the driveway to the rear parking lot; cars must enter and exit using the drive.

    ➢    Please stay in your vehicles when picking up your children, especially at the curb in front of the building, so that you may exit as soon as your children are loaded.

    ➢    Students should come to school as close to 8:40 am as possible. For those who must come earlier, the breakfast program begins at 8:00 am.

    ➢    Please set a good example for our children.  Remember that they will follow your example when you are not with them.

    ➢    Please obey all traffic laws (including speed limit of 15mph) before and after your child is dropped off.  Imagine that each child crossing is your own!  Patience goes a long way.

    Thank you for your cooperation

Last Modified on November 20, 2008