First name Last name Position
    Jennifer Anderson Secretary to the Facilities Director
    Bud Crouse Director - Facilities
    Frank Cullen Head Custodian - Ridley High School
    Jeff D'Orazio Principal - Eddystone Elementary School
    Linda George Benefits Coordinator
    Jim Hardy Transportation
    Sherry Hickey Director - Transportation
    Sheila Hill Nurse - Ridley High School
    Michael iannacci Technical Services Manager
    Paul Louth Teacher - Ridley High School
    Chas Maiers Assistant to the Superintendent
    Dave Maiers Assistant Principal - Ridley High School
    Scott Mann Cafeteria Manager - Ridley High School
    Daria Schneider Director - Food Services
    Joe Spitz Head Custodian - Ridley Middle School
    Diane Sweeney Food Services