• Internet/Computer Safety Tips for Students and Parents
    Ridley School District  recognizes the instructional benefits of the Internet while protecting students from its risks. Parents should be assured to know that the district's Acceptable Use Policy clearly states the appropriate use of its computer system for the safety of students and the consequences for misuse.

    Understanding the importance of Internet/computer safety and concerns that parents have about protecting their child or children from potentially harmful situations, the district has developed  Internet Safety Plan that is incorporated into the K-12 curriculum in every school. It is important for parents to know that the Ridley School Districts' staff are committed to keeping pace with the most current information available on Internet safety and communicating these updates to students for their protection and well being.

    Internet safety tips included available on this page are intended to help parents maintain a safe and secure environment for their home computer and protect their children while using the Internet. Parental involvement and supervision are key ingredients for keeping your child safe in an online environment.