• RMS Families,                                                                                                            


    We wanted to take an opportunity to welcome everyone to a new season of middle school athletics. Mr. Jeff Murray and I will be working together to coordinate our middle school athletic programs.


    Middle school sports represent an excellent means of building self- confidence, fostering teamwork and work ethic, while also increasing individual fitness levels.


    Our athletic program’s encompasses a large group of middle school-student athletes.  We are excited for the high number of participants.  We would like to provide you some general information regarding our after school study hall period for middle school student-athletes as well as guidelines for student-athlete eligibility which is conducted on a weekly basis.


    Study Procedures

    ·      Begins at 2:45- ends at 3:10. No Study Hall on Friday’s

    ·      Students should make any phone call before 2:45 and after 3:10

    ·      Students must sit with their teams

    ·      Appropriate use of electronic device is expected during Study Hall

    ·      It is not a silent Study Hall, however student’s are expected to control their volume

    ·      Students are expected to use their time in Study Hall wisely


    Student-Athlete Eligibility

    ·      Must maintain passing grades in all subject areas

    ·      Teachers submit eligibility lists weekly

    ·      Any student athlete who is ineligible can not participate in games or practices

    ·      Parents will be contacted and a letter sent home that will need to be signed


    Please remind and reinforce to your child the importance of bringing home their equipment and having it cleaned or laundered. Make sure they know all personal items need to be secured throughout the day, during practice and events.





    Mr. Timothy J Meloney- Middle School Athletic Administrator



    Mr. Jeff Murray- Middle School Athletic Coordinator