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CHIP - Children's Health Insurance Program

The Pennsylvania ACT 84 of 2015 requires that public and nonpublic schools receive electronic notice of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) on an annual basis no later than August 15. A flyer has been created and is to be shared with every parent or guardian of every student enrolled in the district during the school year.

CHIP covers uninsured kids and teens up to age 19. With more than 139,000 uninsured children in Pennsylvania, this is great news for families!

CHIP provides quality, comprehensive health insurance for routine doctor visits, prescriptions, dental, eye care, eyeglasses, mental health and much more. CHIP covers uninsured kids who are not eligible for Medical Assistance. For most families, CHIP is free – for others, it is low cost.

Please send the electronic notice of the CHIP flyer to each school under your jurisdiction at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year with other information that is being sent as parent packets. By distributing the flyer at the beginning of the year, we ensure that all students, including those new to your district and incoming kindergarten classes, have information about the program if they are in need.

The flyer and many more resources can be found on the CHIP website at, under CHIP Resources. If you would like a CHIP representative to visit your school to provide more information to families, please contact the CHIP customer service center at 1-800-986-KIDS(5437). 

If you would like a black and white paper version of the CHIP flyer, please email Include your name, phone number, school, and intermediate unit and a CHIP representative will contact you for additional information. 

The CHIP program is pleased to partner with school districts in helping families find health insurance coverage for their children. Schools are a valuable partner in this effort. After all, healthy kids are better students.

Thank you for your assistance in helping families in need find comprehensive health insurance coverage for their children.

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